General Advice Warning

The information provided in this website by Gallagher is meant as a general guide only for you to make an informed decision about selecting the right insurance for you.

It is important that you read carefully the product disclosure statement / policy document for any insurance product before purchasing it about the scope of cover, general exclusions and conditions for making claims.

Professional Advice

An insurance company direct or their agent can only provide factual information about their products and cannot compare others. Often, they cannot provide the full range of policies required for complete protection.

Only registered insurance brokers can perform this role … so Gallagher can provide you with a range of insurance policies so you can make an informed choice about the right coverage you need.

Claims Assistance

We are here to advise you about the best way to proceed with your claim in order to achieve a prompt and fair settlement. You may need advice about some technical cover aspects of your claim which we are happy to provide to assist you as part of our service.

While we only arrange clients’ insurance coverage with reputable insurance companies which have demonstrated a high level of claims service, but there are times when a claim, or part of it, may be rejected by an insurer for various reasons. Sometimes it is due to their staff’s human error, sometimes incorrect or insufficient information supplied or incorrect policy contract wording interpretation.

That’s when it is important to have Gallagher advocate for you to represent your interests in negotiating the best outcome possible for your claim using our expert technical knowledge of policy contracts and negotiation skills with the insurer’s claim management. We are on your side … not the insurers’!

Call Gallagher today on (08) 8172 8186 or Email your Enquiry about your insurance protection … remember acting as your own Insurance Broker is like being your own Lawyer without training and experience!