What our service means to you!

Donnellys is now known as Gallagher

On 12 April 2019, Donnelly Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, has merged with Gallagher. From this date onwards the business will be known as Gallagher and will be operating under a new brand and licence.

What happens now?

While the sign on the door may have changed, the fundamentals of how we work with your business will remain the same. For you, it’s business as usual, your current broker will continue to service you, and our contact numbers remain the same.

If you have any questions please call us on 08 8236 7789

About Gallagher

Gallagher is the broker of choice to over 100,000 Australian businesses. We provide insurance solutions and risk management advice to businesses of and sizes – from small businesses through to multinational corporations and iconic brands.

With more than 25 regional and metropolitan branches across Australia, we understand local business communities because we’re part of them ourselves. Globally, as part of the Gallagher network of more than 850 offices in over 30 countries, we are able to leverage relationships with major national and international insurers to arrange insurance programs and manage claims outcomes beyond the reach of many smaller brokers.

Gallagher is also committed to ethical business and has been recognised as one of the ‘World’s Most Ethical’ companies by the Ethisphere Institute for eight consecutive years from 2012-2019. We’re the only insurance broker in the world to have achieved this accolade.

Professional Advice

Our aim is to provide “best value-for money” insurance solutions for our clients assessed from our market research which means high quality coverage, competitive premium cost, financially sound insurer with good claims service reputation. We save our clients time and effort by researching the market for covers available from reputable insurance companies and make recommendations so that you can make an informed buying decision about which coverage suits your needs.

We represent our clients’ interests first and foremost to ensure your assets and liabilities are properly protected through our professional advice. Insurance brokers are the only insurance entities that can legally provide insurance product comparisons to clients under the Financial Services Reform Act. Others can only provide only factual information about their product.

Save Money

Every insurance policy premium contains an administration cost element which is either expended on an insurer’s advertising & marketing, sales staff, policy administration and claims, or payment of commission to insurance brokers for reimbursement of their range of services often performed electronically to minimise an insurer’s range of expenses.

Therefore the perception by some people that an insurance intermediary automatically adds to the cost of an insurance premium is not correct. In fact, in most cases an insurance broker can negotiate a lower cost premium through its knowledge and experience which insurance companies are likely to offer the best value quotation for particular client risk profiles.

Some insurers like high value or complex insurance policies and price them accordingly while others prefer lower risk and values and therefore price their premiums lower to attract this type of business. Insurers are now tending to price risks according to their individual profile by street address instead of post code which means premium costs can vary markedly depending upon their technical ability to rate risks on a variety of factors. Former level community insurance premium rating methodology is now diminishing towards paying for individual risk exposure.

Insurance brokers do however sometimes have trouble matching the premium cost offered by some high profile direct sellers of insurance over the internet or through TV advertisements because these policies have been constructed with less coverage features to attract unsuspecting buyers without any knowledge of insurance contracts and who presume all policies are the same, which could not be further from reality.

So it makes sense to let us do the insurance shopping for you. Even if you could shop yourself and obtain a competitive premium quotation how would you know whether the policy cover will protect you when you need it most as no two polices provide the same coverage … it’s like comparing an apple with an orange!

Professional Association

At Gallagher, we pride ourselves on providing you, our client, with tailored insurance solutions to help position you to financially survive any insurable event. We value this relationship with our clients and recognise trust as well as specific industry risk management knowledge as being instrumental in our ability to effectively manage your insurance needs.

Gallagher is a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA), a national trade association for licensed Life and General insurance brokers in Australia. Gallagher subscribes to and is bound by the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which we welcome you to read by visiting the NIBA website.

Gallagher wants you to make an informed decision about the broking organisation you elect to partner with. The following information is relevant to your ability to make an informed decision.

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