How Donnellys can help Employees

Donnelly Insurance Brokers was established in 1976 providing professional advice to clients to steer them through the complicated and difficult insurance buying process. We understand your particular insurance considerations and can help you with a range of options to best suit you.

We obtain the best value cover from a range of reputable insurance companies so you can make an informed choice of cover to suit your needs best.

Importantly at claim time, we are on your side to advise you about the process to obtain a prompt and fair claim payment from your insurer.

Our commission does not affect the price of your policy as we save insurers administrative costs so why buy direct which could cost you dearly with the wrong cover, without our advice.

So, it makes sense to let us do the insurance shopping for you. Even if you could shop yourself and obtain a competitive premium quotation how would you know whether the policy cover will protect you when you need it most as no two polices provide the same coverage … it’s like comparing an apple with an orange!

Donnellys buying power helps Employees

Donnellys can offer you policies which include superior cover features than other policies available in the insurance market together with many special added cover enhancements.

We also are able to offer you the following benefits:

  • Special discounts for our clients up to 15% from some insurers
  • Low driving distance discount for Car insurance
  • Age 55 + Home & Contents insurance discount
  • No extra cost to use Donnellys broking service
  • Choice of insurance providers specializing in Personal insurance
  • Expert claims assistance – we negotiate for you
  • Friendly personal service
  • Free shopping service for superior value insurance
  • No broker fee charged for employees of an accredited employer

Insurance policies suited to Employees

Donnelly Insurance Brokers has $ millions premiums buying power with the top general insurance companies to negotiate competitive terms for clients and superior policy coverage often not available direct with insurance companies.

Donnellys buying power for you