• Am I covered for Cyber Crime under my Business insurance?

    Posted on 09 January, 2019

    Digital technology has changed the way most companies do business but their insurance cover has not always kept pace. Cyber-attacks and other cyber events are now some of the most common forms of losses faced by businesses. As this risk is moderately new and has grown rapidly many businesses are not adequately covered by their existing business insurance.

    Most businesses have insurance cover for fire. A cyber-attack or event is akin to a digital fire and can have a similar impact to the operations of your business.

    Cyber insurance can COVER YOU for the following events:

    • Point of Sale intrusions
    • Web app attacks
    • Insider and privilege misuse
      • Physical theft and loss
      • Payment card skimmers
      • Crime-ware
      • Denial of service
      • Cyber espionage
      • Miscellaneous errors – Human error
      • Cyber extortion


    • For more information about gaps in traditional Business insurance for Cyber-events click on this link to our web page on this subject.

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