• What’s the difference between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity?

    Posted on 09 January, 2019

    It is important to understand the differences between Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance.

    Public Liability covers claims against you for bodily injury and property damage to someone that arises from the operation of your business. For example, if a person is injured on your premises, or if you damage property while visiting a client.
    Professional Indemnity insurance covers claims that arise from a breach of the duty that you owe as a professional or an expert for services such as:

    • advice,
    • design,
    • consultancy,
    • analytic services.

    Professional Indemnity insurance covers your civil liability that results from the conduct of your professional services. This includes:

    • contractual liability,
    • liability under the Trade Practices Act,
    • defamation,
    • infringement of intellectual property right,
    • liability for the acts of sub-contractors and consultants, and compensation and claimant’s costs and expenses.

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