Pet Insurance

Many people consider their pets and horses to be part of the family. Although when a pet becomes injured or sick, the reality of veterinary costs can come as quite a shock. Those that have chosen to insure their dogs, cats or horses can focus on their health rather than the costs.

What are the benefits of Petplan pet insurance for you?

• Experience overseas shows that 1 in 3 pet owners had to make an unexpected trip to the vet.

• Pets insured with Petplan can receive the best treatment in the event of an illness or involved in an accident.

• Pet insurance can also help cover the cost of boarding kennels/catteries if you are hospitalised or help with legal costs if your dog causes any damage or injury to another person.

• Many pet owners are often unprepared financially to handle an expensive vet bill that accidents or illnesses can bring to their animals. Petplan can offer up to 100% rebate on pet insurance claims.

• Petplan can provide genuine Covered for Life pet insurance, so you know should your pet develop a chronic, re-occurring or life long illness that will require expensive treatment and medication for the rest of its life, Petplan’s Covered for Life policy will be there for the long haul.