Professional Services & Offices Insurance Package

Gallagher can offer you an insurance package of broad covers specifically designed for professional service providers and office occupiers, whilst maintaining the flexibility for you to tailor the package to suit your needs.

Package Features:

  • Accidental damage cover for your contents at your premises, including computers and electronic equipment
  • Theft cover for your office or surgery contents at your premises
  • Worldwide cover for your legal liabilities arising from non-manual activities carried out in connection with your business, such as attending business or medical conferences and seminars
  • Cover up to $4,000 for employees’ food in fridges or medical drugs kept in freezers at your premises
  • Fusion cover for small electric motors
  • Breakdown cover for your computers and electronic equipment including disaster recovery of data
  • Portable equipment can be covered away from your business premises
  • Business Interruption additional costs cover for temporary premises and equipment
  • Public Liability cover for claims against you for bodily injury and property damage to another party that arise from the operation of your business or arise from a breach of the duty you owe people in general.

Competitive premiums

Premiums at a price that’s right for you because the product is designed for you as a lower risk to underwrite.

Recommended insurance product is provided by Vero Insurance Limited.