Residential Strata Units

Residential Strata Units Insurance

Gallagher can offer you a comprehensive Residential Strata Units insurance package to protect your  property with broad, flexible and value for money cover.

Select from an extensive range of cover options including property, loss of income, legal liability and personal accident cover.


  • Building and Common Area Contents
  • Damage to the building and common area contents including:
  • Authority fees, fire extinguishment, damage minimization, professional fees, debris removal and temporary protection
  • Emergency accommodation costs, failure of services, loss of rent, public authority closure, storage of unit owner contents and temporary accommodation – covered up to 15% over limit of liability
  • Damage to domestic electric motors, pets, landscaping, locating source of liquid leak, money, personal property under control of body corporate, removal of fallen trees, replacement of keys and locks, rewriting of records, storage of common contents and reinstatement of cover – additional to limit of liability

Building Catastrophe – provides additional cover to building or common area contents by up to 15% of the limit of liability.

Public Liability – provides benefits for compensation claims or expenses that the Body Corporate may become legally liable to pay in respect of injury to another person or property damage.

Fidelity Guarantee – provides cover for the Body Corporate against loss of funds set aside for the management of the property as a result of fraud.

Personal Accident (Voluntary Workers) – provides benefits for voluntary workers with either a lump sum or weekly benefits in the event of an accident which causes bodily injury. Benefits are provided for travel and domestic assistance expenses.

Office Bearers Liability – provides cover for the officers of the Body Corporate against loss arising from a wrongful act in their capacity as an officer of the Body Corporate.