Retailers Insurance

Retail Business Package Insurance … a package policy tailored for retail shops and associated businesses.

Gallagher can offer you an insurance package of broad covers designed for retailers, whilst maintaining the flexibility for you to tailor the package to suit your needs. Retail businesses have unique insurance risks peculiar to that business.

Retail Insurance Package Features:

  • Accidental damage cover for your stock and contents at your premises
  • Seasonal increases in cover limits for stock and money over periods such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day
  • Cover for professional fees incurred in connection with an audit carried out by the Australian Tax Office
  • Cover for theft by dishonest employees
  • Glass windows covered for vandalism as well as breakage
  • Fraudulent use of your business credit cards covered up to $1,000
  • Fusion cover for small electric motors

Competitive premiums

Premiums at a price that’s right for you because the product is designed for you as a low risk retailer.

Insurance product is provided by Vero Insurance Limited.

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