Trades & services Insurance

Quality coverage at a competitive premium = superior value for money

That’s what Donnellys can offer you when we arrange our Trades & Services Pack for you. We try to make it quick and easy to arrange so there’s no paperwork to be completed and it can all be handled over the phone with immediate coverage available.

What’s more we can arrange convenient monthly premium payments to assist with your cash flow budget.

There are THREE sections to this Pack which are optional but recommended to give you the right protection for your business:

1 – Public & Products Liability …

to protect you against claims made against you for injury or property damage   occurring during the course of your business activities

2 – Tools and Equipment …

covers accidental loss damage or theft of your tools and equipment for replacement cost up to $2,000 for unspecified items

3 – Personal Accident & Sickness …

preserves your income when you can’t work due to a serious accident or sickness for up to 2 years benefit period and lump sum compensation is available for accidental death coverage. Alternative long term disability coverage is available through our Life Risk broker.

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