Why use a broker?

Online shopping is an excellent way to get the best deal on many sort of products, so it can be tempting to head online when it comes time to buy insurance too. But there are some pitfalls to the process, as this video explains.

Brokers v comparison websites from NIBATV on Vimeo.

The Gallagher Difference

Our Service Guarantee

We represent our clients’ best interests first and foremost and provide you with an analysis of our insurance products research so you can make an informed decision about which products suit you best.

With the right advice, your lifestyle and family or business can be adequately protected from unexpected insurable misfortune… and you’ll probably save money as well by taking advantage of Gallagher’s buying power.

Your Representative
We work for you, not the insurance company. Protecting your interests is our prime concern.

Easy Claims
We help you with claims, making it a friendly experience and to ensure prompt and fair settlement of your claims. Claims stories

Continual Research
We continually research the market to ensure your covers are kept up to date with the market.

Save Time, Money and Effort
We do the shopping around for your insurance each year to find the best value cover and save you time, money and effort. We can arrange cover for you over the phone and you can pay your premiums monthly.

Gallagher’s Easypay Insurance gives you the opportunity to pay insurance premiums on a monthly deduction basis from your Bank or Credit Union savings account or Credit Card.
No more big insurance bills to worry about! Go to Easypay